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Son of a TV producer, I've been in the entertainment industry and been a musician, composer, and sound engineer for over 20 years. I've organized several concerts and events for years so being a DJ comes to me naturally. 


Besides DJing, I also provide sound system for concerts, ghazals and corporate events. 


I serve all of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida. Contact me about other states as well.

My Philosophy

A DJ's job is no easy task. It is not only limited to playing music but to also read the dance floor and change the mood accordingly. 


For that, one has to be bold, innovative and adjustable, so that they can cater to their client and make sure their event is a successful and memorable one.

A good DJ will read the room and change the music seemingly so it is a smooth transition.

If your DJ is good and plays good music, people will WANT to dance!

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